Can the range of Zenmed kits really help clear acne and prevent further outbreaks?

What is Zenmed?

zenmed-productsZenmed is a range of natural products specifically tailored to treating all forms of acne.

Containing high potency, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, Zenmed promises to treat existing acne, heal the damaged skin, and prevent the acne from returning.

The Zenmed range of acne treating products can be purchased in kits which are designed for different skin types and levels of acne.

This is a refreshing change to most other acne products which assume a one size fits all formula. We will be looking at the kits in more detail, but in order to assess their effectiveness we need to understand the acne cycle in more detail, and how the Zenmed products relate to and treat it.

The cause of Acne and how Zenmed promises to treat it

Acne is caused through dead skin cells blocking pores in the skin, these blocked pores trap sebum, the oil naturally present in our hair follicles which is there to create moist, healthy skin.

As well as a sebum build up, the engorged pores attract bacteria which breed, causing infection which is visible by redness and irritation. Acne pimples are then formed by the body’s natural immune system creating puss to try and fight the infection.

The Zenmed range of products claim to interrupt this cycle, to clear the acne, heal the damage and prevent future build up of blocked pores.

Does Zenmed really work?

While the natural ingredients in the products and the science behind them seem very credible, there have been no clinical trials of these products.

The official website claims that the ingredients are present in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade Actives,’ but there is no further substantiation that any of the ingredients are present in enough quantities to be effective in their results.

However, there are some positive online reviews and blogs about the Zenmed range, which do give weight to the website claims.

The Zenmed acne treatment kit range

zenmed-dermaDerma Cleanse System – £61.00

Score : 7/10

This three step system promises to ‘cleanse the skin from within,’ treating the internal cause of acne and clearing the external breakouts.

Results should be visible within ten days of use, and optimum results can be seen within 4-6 weeks.

The cleanser should be used morning and evening, to be followed by the medicated acne treatment, and the herbal detoxifier should be taken three times a day with meals.

Reviews are favourable about the Derma Cleanse System, the pills don’t appear to have any side effects when taken with meals, but could cause slight digestive upset if taken on an empty stomach.

Although the list of plant extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants ingredients appear quite extensive, we are not given details of how this blend works, or the doses of each individual ingredient.

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Zenmed-oilyAcne Therapy for Oily Skin – £53

Score:  8/10

This kit is more suitable for teens and those who suffer from excessively oily skin. The four step process is designed to rebalance the skin, as excess oil acerbates acne production. The specific blend of natural ingredients is designed to be non-drying, but will reduce greasiness within three days.

Step one is to use the gentle cleansing gel morning and night, followed by the botanical acne mask at night and the derma cleanse acne gel after the mask. To maintain skin balance an oil free day lotion is included to be used instead of a moisturiser, which could upset oil levels.

Again, there is some positive feedback online about this kit; some users say that they have noticed a substantial improvement in acne pimples, as well as on the scarring and redness. One consumer reported that the craters left from large acne pimples have become noticeably smoother and less defined.

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zenmed-combinationAcne Therapy for Combination Skin – £49

Score : 7/10

For those with milder forms of acne, clogged pores and oily t-zone, this kit promises to rebalance and moisturise the skin, to clear, heal and prevent breakouts.

The four step process involved applying the facial cleansing gel twice daily, followed by the AHA/BHA Complex twice daily to cleanse skin, minimise large pores and remove flaky skin.

The sebum regulating moisturiser should then be applied twice daily, followed by the acne gel to treat pimples. The AHA/BHA Complex stabilises the ph levels on the skin so bacteria can’t develop.

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zenmed-dryAcne Therapy for Dry/Mature Skin – £53

Score:  8/10

This product really addresses a gap in the market, so many acne treatments target young greasy skin, but there are still a lot of adult acne sufferers for whom the intensely drying acne treatments are not suitable and can cause further irritation.

This kit claims to clear breakouts and rejuvenate the skin, with results noticeable after just one treatment.

The four stage process involves the gentle cleansing gel to be applied twice daily, followed by the sebum regulating moisturiser, the AHA/BHA Complex to deep cleanse, and finally the renewing night serum to be used once a week; this is like a spa-type peel to deep cleanse, remove flaky dead skin cells, and regenerate the skin.

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Is Zenmed a good all-round acne treatment?

There is no clinical testing of these products, as well as a severe lack of evidence about the quantities and properties of the active ingredients, so we can only assume and hope that they are in amounts significant enough to produce results.

However, the 60 day money back guarantee does give peace of mind, and an added incentive to try one of the kits.

In its favour Zenmed have endeavoured to create kits which suit different skin types, so the effects could be more successful than a generic acne treatment.

As the ingredients are all natural botanicals there is no benzoyl peroxide, a common acne treatment ingredient which can dry the skin so badly that secondary skin problems such as redness and irritation can occur.

Zenmed claims to offer a long term solution to acne, but the kits should be accompanied with a healthy diet and oil free makeup for optimum results.

The website does not state how long one of the kits last, so as a long term solution which should be used indefinitely to prevent acne reoccurring, the cost could be quite expensive and might preclude some people.