Proactiv Review

What is Proactiv?

proactiv-review-img1Proactiv is a four step plan that is designed to get rid of acne and other similar blemishes. It is designed and produced by Guthy-Reker, a U.S. company, but is used around the world.

Some have taken notice of Proactiv due to their widespread presence in advertising. However, others have stated that Proactiv is overhyped. To find out the truth, let’s look a bit deeper into how Proactiv works.

How does Proactiv Work?

The system is centered on four main steps – a “Renewing Cleanser”, based around salicylic acid, a “Revitalizing Toner” that contains some natural extracts, a “Repairing Day Lotion” that is also based on salicylic acid, and a “Repairing Night Lotion”, which is simply the day lotion with additional vitamins, as well as Retinol.

Why Does Proactiv Sell a Different Kit in the UK?

If you do your research, you will find that Proactiv sells differently designed products in different countries. This is in order to stay within the health guidelines of each country – meaning that the kit they sell in the U.K. may not meet the guidelines established in the U.S. or vice-versa.

Is Proactiv Safe?

proactive-review-img2While there are usually no extreme side effects to Proactiv, it is important to note that it is not an all natural product, and that it is not a hypoallergenic product. Additionally, Proactiv is not FDA approved.

Many customers have reported developing unattractive red blotches after using Proactiv, while some with dark skin have had dark spots develop in areas where Proactiv was used. Some have even experienced swelling and peeling of the skin. One of the most common side effects is dry skin.

How Natural Is Proactiv?

While Proactiv does contain some natural ingredients, it is in no way a “natural” product. There are artificial fragrances, preservatives, and suspending agents that have been chemically engineered. Some of these have not been clinically tested, so there could be potentially undiscovered side effects.

How much does Proactiv Cost?

While you can get their “Luxury Skincare Kit” for £59.90 (which is a bit much in itself), they also sign you up for a monthly fee of £19.95. Each fee pays for a one month supply, and even on their own website they admit that it can take up to 8 months to see results.

At that point, you can only get a refund for your most recent 60 days, so you could be risking hundreds of dollars to try Proactiv. Additionally, customers have posted on third-party review websites that they have had a hard time getting out of their “subscription” to Proactiv, even when they attempt to cancel. Some users have had this cause numerous overdraft fees to their bank account.

proactiv-review-img3Should I Try Proactiv?

While Proactiv may be getting a lot of attention through advertising, it does not seem to be the best product choice.

You can likely save money and see better results while avoiding side effects if you select from one of the many 100% natural herbal acne treatments on the market.

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