Pantothen Review

What is Pantothen?

pantothen-reviews-img1Pantothen is a natural food supplement which promises to prevent acne and help clear the skin in as little as 2-4 weeks.

How does Pantothen work?

Pantothen is named after it’s primary ingredient – pantothenic acid, also more commonly known as vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid has been the subject of a number of recent studies into the positive effects of vitamin B5 on treating acne.

According to one particular study published in 1995 by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung, it was determined that high doses of pantothenic acid decreased pore size, while also reducing the build up of sebum – the main cause of acne.

It was also noted that pantothenic acid is extremely safe and 100% non-toxic. Even after large doses of the vitamin were taken, no  adverse side effects were reported.

Is Pantothen effective?

General reviews on acne sites are typically positive, although customer feedback on various forums appears to be balanced.

One common complaint is the price, which at £29.99 for a one month supply of B-vitamins is slightly on the expensive side. There are far cheaper options for those looking to try pantothenic acid for treating acne.

Holland and Barrett are probably one of the most trusted suppliers, and stock 500mg of slow release Pantothenic acid for less than £10. Taking 4 capsules per day will give almost the same amount of pantothenic acid as Pantothen (2000mg compared to 2200mg).

Buy Pantothenic acid for £9.69 from Holland and Barrett

Pantothen Side Effects?

The natural ingredients found in Pantothen are extremely unlikely to cause any potential side effects.

Pantothen review conclusion

Pantothen appears to be based on encouraging data from studies confirming the positive effects of vitamin B5 on acne. Our only minor criticism is the price, although savings can be made on bulk purchases.

One thing to be wary of is the “100% satisfaction guarantee“, which like many products only covers unopened bottles. Those expecting to try Pantothen for a month or two without risk will be sorely disappointed.

All in all, Pantothen looks to be one of the better acne treatments out there, and unlike some products will not dry out the skin and make the condition any worse.

Pantothen alternativespantothen-reviews-img3

Holland and Barrett offer Pantothenic acid in time released capsules for less than £10 for 100 capsules.

If you are not concerned by the “no frills” packaging, this provides much better value than Pantothen.

Buy Pantothenic acid for £9.69
from Holland and Barrett

Best Rated Alternatives

pantothen-reviews-img8Perhaps one of the best rated acne treatments in recent years is the dermatologically approved Exposed Skin Care range.

As with Pantothen, Exposed Skin Care works by regulating sebum (the skins natural oil) while also eliminating P.acnes bacteria and unclogging blocked pores.

Exposed Skin Care offers dramatic and rapid results after only a few weeks of use, and contains a number of highly effective ingredients which target the main 4 causes of acne.

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