Vita B5 Kit Review

What is Vita B5?

vita-b5-review-img1Vita B5 is a skin care kit consisting of a bottle of Anti Acne Vitamins, containing 60 capsules plus a bottle of Anti Acne Serum.

The information on the official website “guarantees” that Vita B5 will clear up Acne permanently without any any side effects because it targets the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.

It also claims to be completely safe to use and has no negative side effects, containing only 100% natural ingredients.

Do Vita B5 Anti Acne vitamins work?

As its name suggests, the principal ingredient in the capsule is Vitamin B5, or panthothenic acid, which has a number of known health benefits.

The additional ingredients work to promote and maintain healthy skin condition; these include: vitamin c, vitamin e, biotin, chromium, lactobacillus acidophillus, acai, mangosteen, dmae and ala. There are details provided on the way these ingredients can work to improve skin condition with a link to various clinical research papers.

vita-b5-review-img3Research into the beneficial effects vitamin B5 can have on the skin was carried out by Dr Lit-Hung Leung of Hong Kong Central Hospital in 1997.

Although the trial group experienced less oily skin and fewer acne eruptions after 2-3 days, taking between 10 – 20 grams,  the study did not prove conclusively that vitamin B5 can completely eliminate acne.

Note that the amount of B5 in one capsule of Vita B5 is 7.5 grams. The serum contains only 5% vitamin B5, purified water and several other ingredients, but again, there is no way of verifying how effective the serum is at helping to permanently eradicate acne.

Is there any positive feedback?

There do not appear to be any testimonials about this product, when you click on the testimonials tab on the website, it takes you to purchase details and we could find no other customer reviews on this relatively new product. This makes it difficult to estimate just how effective it is at clearing up acne and whether its claim to permanently eliminate the condition is justified.

There is a breakdown of the amount of each ingredient in the formula, and there is a 90 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. The company does place great emphasis on their guarantee that Vita B5 anti acne kit will permanently cure your acne, and state that between 1% – 2% of customers do return their empty bottles, but there is only an email contact address on the website.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules each day, 30 minutes before meals with 12 fl oz of water. One drop of the serum is applied to the face once a day with a dropper.

The Pros
100% natural with no side effects
2 step treatment is easy to administer
90 day Money-Back Guarantee
The Cons
No customer reviews available.
Vita B5 has not been clinically tested.
Some of the ingredients may promote healthier skin, but will they cure acne?

How much does it cost and where to buy

The kit currently retails at the discounted price of $49.99 and there is the option to buy 2 kits plus one free for $99.99.

Vita B5 anti acne kit is not sold within the UK, although can be ordered from the US if you don’t mind paying the rather extortionate price of $29.95 for shipping.

Is the Vita B5 kit worth buying?
Overall Rating : (3/5)

vita-b5-review-img2The fact that this anti-acne product contains only natural ingredients, is totally safe and has no side effects should be encouraging for acne sufferers wishing to find a cure.

Studies do confirm that B5 and the other ingredients in Vita B5 can a have beneficial effect on the skin, but there is some doubt over the manufacturer’s claim that it can permanently cure acne.

In our option there are far better and cheaper options available for those wanting an effective acne treatment.

vita-b5-review-img4Recommended alternatives

Find out which product received our top accolade for achieving flawless skin in our round-up of the three best acne treatments based on price, effectiveness, ingredients and more.

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Lumie Clear Acne Treatment

What is the Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light?

lumie-clear-acne-treatment-review-img1The Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light is a compact light emitting device specifically designed to reduce the effects of mild to moderate acne.

How does Lumie Clear work?

The Lumie Clear is designed to produce two types of light, Blue/Violet and Red. Extensive research has shown that these specific wavelengths of light (found in sunlight) can have beneficial effects on the skin.

Blue/Violet light can eliminate the harmful bacteria responsible for causing inflammation; Red Light helps to promote healthy skin. It has been developed in conjunction with leading dermatologists and is known to be safe, painless, easy to use and suitable for all skin types.

The light can be used to treat any area affected by acne. The device is held next to the skin for 15 minutes intensive treatment or fixed to an adjustable stand for an extended period on a wider area. For optimum results, a daily routine combined with an effective skin hygiene regimen is recommended.

lumie-clear-acne-treatment-review-img2Also works well with…..

Lumie Clear has shown to be extremely effective when used alongside a good skin care regimen. Our choice is the excellent Exposed Skin Care range which has shown exceptional results even when used as a standalone product.

Read more about Exposed Skin Care

The Positives

The beneficial effects of Light Therapy can be verified on the Lumie website by clicking on the ‘Quick Guides to Acne’ page then following the ‘more about light therapy and acne research’ link. Here you can find the details of 8 clinical trials which show positive results.

The device is completely safe (certified to the Medical Device directive), easy to use and non-invasive. Lumie Clear reviews are generally favourable, it is offered on a 30 day free trial period and is covered by a two year warranty. Delivery is free and there are plain and simple instructions if you want to return the product within the free trial period.

  The Negatives

The Lumie Clear retails at £149.00 which may seem like a lot of money considering that it is designed to help eradicate only “mild to moderate acne”. It may not be effective in treating more severe symptoms.

Although the reviews are positive, quite a few people stated that they began to notice a significant improvement only after several months continual use, longer than the 30 day free trial period. Lumie claims that most people will start to see results after 3 to 4 weeks use.

Is the Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light worth buying?
RATING : 4/5

Phototherapy (the technology used by the device) is considered to be extremely beneficial as part of an overall acne treatment routine.

According to online feedback, it does seem to help eradicate acne and improve skin condition but the effects may take longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

However, Light Treatment is proven to have beneficial effects on the skin, it is 100% safe to use, no messy lotions or creams required and the price reflects the research, development and technology behind this product.

Where to buy Lumie Clear?

Lumie Clear is currently available to buy from Boots online priced
at £149 with free UK delivery.

Buy Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light from Boots

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