No No Skin Acne Treatment Review

What is the No No Skin Acne Treatment?no-no-skin-acne-treatment-system-review-img1

No No is a small, hand-held device with a target nozzle that uses LHE (Light Heat Energy) to treat and eradicate acne lesions. This opens the pore and eliminates acne causing bacteria at its source.

The product details state that this technology has been available to professional Dermatologists for at least 10 years and is clinically proven to be safe and painless.

The unit was developed by the ‘Radiancy’ company and has been cleared by the FDA (American Food & Drug Administration).

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How Does the treatment work?

Acne is caused by a build up of oil in the pores of your skin which traps dead skin cells and oil in the subcutaneous layer underneath. This creates an optimum breeding environment for Propionibacterium (P.acnes), a primary cause of acne.

No No Skin Acne Treatment utilizes deep heat together with red and green light pulses which penetrate deep into the pores and accelerate the healing process. The manufacturers also claim the device is effective at treating psoriasis.

There is a detailed clinical trial shown on the website which claims to have achieved an 81% improvement and/or resolution of acne lesions within 24 hours, working with a sample of 63 subjects between the ages of 14 – 47.

The official No No website includes a number of before and after photographs to illustrate its efficacy.


The product is safe to use on all skin types, irrespective of ethnicity, is painless to use and has no side effects. The unique feature of the No No Skin Acne Treatment is that this technology has been miniaturized into a neat, compact, easy to use, hand-held device. The claim that it can clear up or remediate unsightly acne pimples within 24 hours is certainly impressive.

It is recommended that only two short treatments a day will be sufficient to eradicate unsightly pimples and bring about improved skin condition. With this device, there is no need for creams or lotions or astringents, although it can be safely used alongside other acne treatment methods.


It is stressed that this product is effective against mild to moderate acne – there may be some people who should not use No!No! Skin Acne Treatment. There is a list of contraindications to check whether this product is appropriate for you. This should be used in conjunction with a total regimen of skin care for maximum benefit.

The price of this device works out at approximately £130 including delivery, this may seem quite expensive to potential customers.

No No Skin Acne Review Conclusion
RATING : (4/5)

no-no-skin-acne-treatment-system-review-img2The claims made for the product are admirable, especially the speed at which it effectively tackles the root cause of acne. Because it is painless to use, has no side effects and requires no messy applications of cream or ointment, it should appeal to people who need a quick resolution to their acne problem.

Although the price tag of £130 might seem like a lot of money, the professional devices used by skin care clinics and dermatologists can cost thousands of pounds. If you feel that the outlay is worth it, then this could be the quickest and most effective way to eradicate acne.

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