Nanocleanse Review

What is Nanocleanse?nanocleanse-review-img1

Nanocleanse is a US-made acne treatment sold exclusively online, which promises to “clear your skin in 72 hours, guaranteed”.

Although this isn’t the first time we have seen a manufacturer using hype to sell their product, the ability to clear acne in just three days is an impossible claim by any standards.

Nanocleanse Ingredients

Nanocleanse is made almost totally from natural ingredients, although it does include some prescription strength acne medications, so is not totally devoid of low-risk side effects.

Nanocleanse contains benzoyl peroxide, which is commonly used in acne medications, both prescription and over the counter. It is primarily a disinfectant. Nanocleanse also uses tea tree oil, which in recent years has been promoted as a safer alternative to benzoyl peroxide.

Salicylic acid and sulphur are also present and help in healing damaged or scared skin. Azelaic acid, a prescription strength acne medication, helps kill bacteria and clear clogged pores. Additionally, Nanocleanse contains acai, capsicum, flax seed, green tea extracts, and other herbal extracts.

How Does Nanocleanse Work?

The two step cream should be applied to your face twice daily, using warm water and a gentle massage.

While the claim “get rid of acne in 72 hours!” can hardly substantiated, results within 7-10 days are much more likely. (Interestingly enough the money back guarantee is for a seven day period) Each bottle has enough to last for thirty days, or 60 uses.


Nanocleanse Side Effects

Due in part to the presence of powerful ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, some users may encounter redness, swelling, irritation, and dry skin. In rare cases, this may result in a temporary worsening of acne infections.

Where Can I Use Nanocleanse?

Many acne treatments on the market come with this warning: “Use only on the face and neck”, but Nanocleanse is designed to work anywhere on the body. Whether it’s on your face, back or shoulders.

Can I use Nanocleanse if I have Sensitive Skin?

While those with sensitive skin are at a slightly higher risk to experience mild side effects, Nanocleanse claims to be safe, even for those with sensitive skin.

Is Nanocleanse Worth It?

While the manufacturers highlight that Nanocleanse will clear acne in just 72 hours, this is understandably going to be very rare. Even the mildest forms of acne require treatment for at least 7-10 days, as the skins natural repair process takes time.

While we do like the fact that acne fighting ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Azaelic acid have been included in the formulation, we find the hype surrounding this product lends it very little credibility as a viable acne treatment.

Nanocleanse alternativesnanocleanse-review-img4

One of the best acne treatments in recent years is the Exposed Skin Care range – one of the only kits available which focuses on all 4 causes of acne.

Exposed Skin Care regulates the skins sebum production, calms redness and irritation, eliminates p.acnes bacteria,  and unclogs blocked pores. In fact so effective is the formulation, 98% of users prefer it over any other acne treatment.

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