Max Clarity Review

What is Max Clarity?

max-clarity-reviews-img1Max Clarity is a 3-step skin care program which claims to effectively treat acne using a foam cleanser, treatment and toner.

According to the manufacturers website, Max Clarity claims to be “the worlds first and only non-prescription acne-fighting foam system”, which is only true if you discount the countless other foaming anti-acne products already on the market.

How Does Max Clarity work?

As with numerous acne treatments currently available, Max Clarity contains Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, which work to exfoliate dead skin cells and kill bacteria.

Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Benzoyl Peroxide can control breakouts, it is also well known to cause dryness and irritation and leaves the skin more at risk from damage from UV rays.

To combat this, some Benzoyl Peroxide formulas on the market include moisturising agents which help reduce peeling and soreness. However, in the case of Max Clarity, there are no moisturising agents and two of the three products – the Foam Treatment and Rejuvenating Toner need to be left on the skin throughout the day.

We suggest if you plan on using this product to use a good SPF moisturiser if you are going to spend any time in the sun.

Is Max Clarity worth buying?

max-clarity-reviews-img3General user feedback on forums and review sites are fairly balanced, although many complain of underhand “free trial” tactics which promise the product for free, only to bill the supplied credit card at the end of the month.

Free trial offers in general have a very poor reputation with trading standards and other consumer protection agencies. This kind of marketing may have led to the extremely poor rating by the Better Business Bureau (rated F – the worse on the scale).

It is also hard to really advocate the use of Benzoyl Peroxide for treating acne – a type of bleach which is incredibly harsh on the skin and can lead to premature ageing.

There are far more effective and natural ingredients which perform as well as, if not better than Benzoyl Peroxide. Tea Tree Oil is by far the most popular and can be found in numerous cleansers.

Max Clarity alternatives

max-clarity-reviews-img2One of our top recommended acne treatments is Clear Skin Max – a 6 piece toxin-free acne fighter which gives dramatic results from the first application.

Clear Skin Max contains only clinically proven and 100% skin-safe ingredients including bladderwrack, witch hazel, tea tree oil, vitamin B3, algae extract, cammomile and allantoin.

The inclusion of a 6 month money back guarantee also makes Clear Skin Max one of the best rated over-the-counter acne treatments available.

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