Get Rid Of Blocked Pores

What are blocked pores?

how-to-get-rid-of-blocked-pores-img1Blocked pores or “blackheads” as they are more commonly referred to, are the result of excess oil, keratin and dead skin cells building up inside the pore and causing a blockage.

What causes blocked pores?

Most dermatologists tend to agree that blocked pores are caused by the skins overproduction of sebum (oil), and not due to poor hygiene. However, over-use of moisturises and some oil based make-ups can also cause the condition.

Blocked pores are extremely common during teenage years, as oil glands are stimulated by hormonal activity and quickly overwhelm the skins pores. However, almost 80% of the population suffer from blocked pores or acne at some stage in their lifetime.

Blocked pores are often very difficult to remove and typically require a daily skin care regimen – focusing on cleansing and gently exfoliating dead skin cells and sebum deposits.

How to eliminate blocked pores?

One of the most effective ways to clear up blocked pores is to regulate sebum production and remove dead skin cells. While there are plenty of products which claim to do this, many feature harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or alcohol as their primary ingredients.

While these ingredients can help remove dead skin cells, they often irritate the face and in many cases can cause oil glands to secrete more sebum. This is the exact opposite to what you want to happen.

Always choose products which contain natural ingredients which are PH sensitive and safe for all skin types. High street “blackhead scrubs” or strong exfoliating formulas should be avoided, as these can damage and widen pores and leave the skin with little protection.

What really works?

Basic skin care essentials for removing black heads are –

Daily Cleanser
A gentle face wash containing tea tree oil is the best option here, as Tea Tree Oil works as a natural anti-sceptic and helps kill acne bacteria. Unlike typical soap, Tea Tree Oil does not dry out the skin and helps encourage a natural balance of oils.

Absorbent Face Mask
A good quality cream face mask can help literally suck excess sebum and dirt from the skins pores. Look for products which need to be left on for at least 10 minutes, and contain ingredients such as allantoin, bladder wrack or camomile.

Skin Conditioner
Repairing the damage caused by blocked pores and ensuring healthy skin cell turnover is another essential stage in treating the condition. Look for products which contain natural Witch Hazel – clinically proven to improve the skins surface and help clear blemishes.

Best Product for treating blocked pores?

One skin care kit which has proved to be hugely successful since its release is the 6 piece skin care kit – Clear Skin Max.

Of the countless blocked pore treatments we have reviewed, only Clear Skin Max ticks all the right boxes and features all three of our recommended essentials for flawless skin.


Clear Skin Max benefits :
Contains 6 unique skin care products
Effectively treats blocked pores and acne
Contains only 100% natural ingredients
Free from alcohol and benzoyl peroxide
Contains Tea Tree Oil
Regulates the skins oil production
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Includes emergency acne treatment
Features a 6 month money back guarantee

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