Thyme – A Natural Acne Treatment?

can-thyme-cure-acne-img1Whether you are in your teenage or adult years, anyone who suffers with acne knows of the extortionate amount of time and money which is spent experimenting with often ineffective treatments for this skin condition.

However, an experiment carried out at Leeds University has shown that the herb Thyme has proved to more successful in killing acne microbes than most of the chemically-filled creams currently found on the market.

The experiment was carried out at Leeds Metropolitan University on various products which are believed to kill the acne-inducing microbes.

After carrying out active tests on acne microbes using both Thyme and creams containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide, results showed that after five minutes of exposure thyme was by far the most effective. Thyme came out on top even though researchers had used the highest level of benzoyl peroxide which could be prescribed to a patient.

The results of the experiment, which were presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s Spring Conference in Dublin this week, should bring some comfort to acne sufferers as this may finally be a step towards discovering a much more effective, herbal treatment for acne which comes without the unwanted side-effects of current treatments.


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How does Thyme work on acne?

Although traditionally associated with Mediterranean cooking, new research has shown that Thyme is also a very powerful antibiotic which is very successful at killing the microbes which cause acne.

What’s the difference with other acne treatments already out there?

can-thyme-cure-acne-img2Many of the remedies for acne and indeed face washes and antibiotics contain a chemical known as benzoyl peroxide which can cause skin irritation and rashes. Many acne sufferers will be very familiar with this side-effect.

Besides being less expensive and readily available without the hassle of a prescription, results have shown that Thyme can in fact be more effective than the usual chemical treatments.

Although it is early days and the research carried out has not yet been published, this news should provide some hope for acne sufferers that there may be a cheaper, zero side-effect remedy for acne on the way soon.

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