What’s The Best Acne Treatment?

What is Acne?

best-acne-treatments-uk-img1Acne is a common and distressing skin condition which is triggered by the overproduction of oil (sebum) by the sebaceous glands.

Sebum, which normally lubricates the skin, can sometimes accumulate deep within the skins pores and cause a blockage. As the sebum can no longer drain to the surface, bacteria and dead skin cells begin to build up and eventually cause a spot or “comedone”.

Typical acne spots appear as blackheads or whiteheads, although can often be larger inflamed bumps or nodules containing sebum, bacteria and white blood cells.

As sebum production is closely related to hormonal activity, 80% of all acne sufferers are aged between 14 and 21. Areas affected are typically the face, back, shoulders, chest and neck.

Treating Acne

The good news is acne can be controlled, preventing any possible scarring and further stress or embarrassment which is often the result of this condition. Any quality acne treatment will focus primarily on regulating sebum production, while also gently exfoliating, soothing and calming the skins surface.

For treating mild to moderate acne, products which contain Benzoyl Peroxide are generally best avoided. This is because BP can often cause further irritation and excessive drying out of the skin. Natural ingredients such as witch hazel, camomile, bladder-wrack, tea tree oil, allantoin and algae extract are all highly beneficial at combating acne and regulating sebum production.

Best Acne Treatment Products

Exposed Skin Care
No.1 UK Acne Treatment

best-acne-treatments-uk-img7Exposed Skin Care offers one of the most complete acne fighting systems currently available, treating and preventing the 4 main causes of acne breakouts.

All of the products featured in the Exposed Skin Care range are designed to both soothe and calm redness and inflammation, while also eliminating black heads, whiteheads and excess oil.

The result is a dramatic  improvement after only a few uses, with an outstanding 98% of users prefering Exposed Skin Care over other acne treatments.

With a comprehensive one year money back guarantee and a promise of clear skin in just 30 days, Exposed Skin Care is an excellent choice for clearing acne.

RATING : (5/5)

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Clear Skin Max
No.2 UK Acne Treatment

best-acne-treatments-uk-img2Clear Skin Max is a 6-piece kit which targets the main causes of acne and effectively cleanses, conditions and helps heal the skins surface.

Clear Skin Max features 100% natural and clinically proven ingredients which are suitable for all skin types. It is also free from toxins, alcohol, PPG or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Unlike typical acne treatments, Clear Skin Max features a comprehensive 6 month money back guarantee and includes the unique Tava Tea Anti Acne blend. Clear Skin Max is currently second choice for clearing acne.

RATING : (4.5/5)

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No.3 UK Acne Treatment

best-acne-treatments-uk-img7ClearPores offers a unique approach to treating acne as it contains a herbal supplement in addition to a daily cleanser and skin perfecting cream.

This daily supplement helps encourage the body to fight acne from the inside, helping to flush toxins and impurities while regulating hormone production.

Although ClearPores has scored third in our top rated products, it has helped countless acne sufferers overcome the condition where many other topical treatments have failed.

RATING : (4/5)

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