Benzoyl Peroxide Acne


What is Benzoyl Peroxide?

Benxoyl peroxide is naturally occurring chemical that has served dozens of different purposes over the years, ranging from hair coloring to cooking. In recent years, benzoyl peroxide is best known for its ability to serve as a powerful acne treatment.

How did We Discover Benzoyl Peroxide?

While the compound itself was discovered by scientists Kastle and Lovenhart in 1901, it is believed that its use as an effective acne treatment was discovered in the 1920’s by Jack Brietbart at Revlon Laboratories.

Why is Benzoyl Peroxide Good for Acne Treatment?

In concentrated form, benzoyl peroxide is good for acne treatment because it works as a great disinfectant, cleansing and opening the pores. It is a peeling agent, meaning that it helps dead skin to fall off and be replaced by newer, healthier skin.

These two effects work well together – it kills off existing bacteria, cleanses the pores, and encourages new skin cell growth so that healthier skin can be experienced as soon as possible.

Benzoyl Peroxide Side Effects

Because it is such a powerful chemical, some users experience minor burning, itching, swelling, and dry skin. Most people, however, will build up a tolerance to these side effects over time, if they do experience them.

Those who are especially sensitive to benzoyl peroxide can use products that have lower concentrations of the chemical. You may also want to keep it away from your nice clothes, as it can bleach some fabrics with prolonged exposure.

How should Benzoyl Peroxide be used?

Due to its relative harshness, it is best not to use benzoyl peroxide on its own. If you do have any product that is based solely on this chemical, you will want to be sure to use a moisturizing agent on a regular basis.

There are also several acne treatment programs on the market that combine various ingredients in such a way that you can experience the positive cleansing nature of benzoyl peroxide while also building up your skin’s moisture and shine.


Overall, benzoyl peroxide is an extremely integral part of the acne treatment field. While it should not be used on its own, it can be extremely effective when paired with other natural ingredients to counter any possible side effects.

Are there Products that Effectively Use Benzoyl Peroxide?

benzoyl-peroxide-acne-img2Nearly every effective and popular acne product available today has at least some amount of benzoyl peroxide on the ingredients list.

In fact, one of the top rated programs, Exposed Skin Care, includes benzoyl peroxide along with other natural ingredients to provide safe and effective facial care.

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