Azelaic Acid Acne

What is Azelaic Acid?azelaic-acid-for-acne-img1

Azelaic acid is a natural organic compound that is found in various plant species, such as rye and wheat. It is also produced by yeasts and other plant species.

In plants, it is used as part of the defense mechanism. Humans have found various uses for azelaic acid as well – it has been used to treat hair loss, skin discoloration, and inflammation. Most commonly, though, it is used in treatment for acne.

How was Azelaic Acid Discovered?

Although the compound has been known of for many years (and even scientists aren’t sure exactly who discovered it), it wasn’t until fairly recently that it was understood. Groundbreaking studies have been made my multiple dermatologists in the past two decades that have allowed azelaic acid to be used in effective acne treatments.

How does Azelaic Acid Treat Acne?

Azelaic acid helps inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin and in the pores. It also can help clean out other pollutants in the pores, helping them to stay healthy for long periods of time. It is applied topically, usually in a mix with other agents – it is very rare to find a treatment that is based solely on this chemical.

Azelaic Acid Side Effects

Some people have noted that azelaic acid increases the growth rates of hair to a small degree, which, although undesirable, is little more than an annoyance.

Others, especially those who use high concentrations, have found that it can cause mild skin peeling, or slight lightening of the skin. These side effects are best avoided if you use a treatment that has natural skin nutrients to protect and build up the vivacity of your skin.

What is the Best Way to Use Azelaic Acid?

Rather than using a pure concentrate, it is safest to apply azelaic acid in a treatment formula that contains other healing herbs, vitamins, and chemicals.

azelaic-acid-for-acne-img2Should I Use Azelaic Acid?

While it is not recommended that you use pure azelaic acid, it would be a good idea to find a product that harvests its many benefits.

Treatment programs such as the widely-acclaimed Exposed Skin Care are known to make effective use of azelaic acid and other ingredients to provide lasting acne relief.

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