Aknicare Review

What is Aknicare?

aknicare-img1Suffering from acne is a distressing experience for many and with a wealth of products available to treat the problem, it is often a case of trial and error until you find something that is effective for you.

Aknicare are a member of skincare experts SkinMed and have developed a formidable range of lotions, creams and make-up to help combat the fight against spots.

Solving the problem

Teenagers are most commonly affected by acne, although the condition is prevalent in adults who often find it harder to cope with emotionally. To achieve success, Aknicare encourage their customers to adopt a skincare routine using their 3 step programme of products.

aknicare-img6Step 1 – Preparation

Firstly you will need the Aknicare Cleanser which is an antibacterial facial wash to remove excess oil and any bacteria that may be causing the production of spots.

Or if you have sensitive skin, they recommend the Aknicare Remover instead which is also a cleanser, but with added ingredients ‘to calm angry skin’.

aknicare-img7Step 2 – Active Treatment

The next part of the process is where the magic happens. You will need to apply the Aknicare Lotion followed by the Aknicare Cream.

The products combine to slow the production of oil and alter the skin’s sensitivity towards the hormone which triggers the acne-forming process.

aknicare-img8Step 3 – Correction Products

A major concern with any acne remedy is keeping the spots away once you have achieved clear skin.

The Aknicare Skin Roller can be applied to individual breakouts for a quick fix solution to reduce redness and inflammation within hours of application.

Additionally to this are their Fluid Powders, which are a range of foundation make-up containing their active ingredients so you can have the benefits of cover-up with added protection.

Aknicare Key benefits

aknicare-img9Aknicare seem to have developed a new initiative in treatment by ridding your skin of spots and then slowing and preventing the production of future breakouts.

They are proud of their success rate and promise that if the products are used religiously over a 2 month period, you will not only achieve your desired clear skin, but have the added assurance that your skin has been retrained to remain blemish free.


Whether you are a novice to acne who is experimenting with familiar products from the supermarket shelf, or a long-term sufferer who requires a prescription to literally strip the problem away, Aknicare seems to cover all needs by providing a skincare routine that works, along with quick-fix solutions for the future.

It is not particularly cheap compared to more recognised spot brand remedies, but there are offers available. For instance, if you were to follow the 3 step programme requiring all six lotions it would normally cost you £97.90.

However, if you purchase them together you will be charged the REDUCED PRICE of £59.95 and with a 100% money back guarantee if unsuccessful, it is well worth a try. Aknicare is also available on prescription from a doctor, and can be purchased online from Lloyds Pharmacy.


Buy Aknicare Online From Lloyds Pharmacy with a prescription

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