Does Acnetix Work?

What is Acnetix?acnetix-review-img1

Produced by the relatively unknown Revivea Laboratories, Acnetix has been designed to be a simple acne solution. This “extra strength” formula is supposed to work in just one step, and claims to let you see results in just 7 days.

Any time that something makes such drastic claims, it’s good to go a little deeper and see whether or not these claims have any true grounds.

How does Acnetix Work?

It is really unclear how Acnetix works – they do not offer much on their official website other than simply a list of ingredients.

While there are some natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, there are also some artificial ingredients as well. Some of the ingredients on the list have not been proven to have any health benefits, and are simply described as being “extremely expensive”, as if to provide explanation for the price of Acnetix.

Does Acnetix Really Work?

This is debatable. While there are plenty of “reviews” saying that Acnetix works wonders, very few are present on third party sites, so we have no proof that they are not just made up reviews.

Also, of the ones that are present on third party sites, many of them are negative – people either did not see any positive effects, or experienced mild negative effects such as a moderate rash, mild swelling, or even worsening of acne.

Interestingly enough, although Acnetix claims to be the “#1 recommended” acne product, there have been no clinical trials, and there seem to be no reviews posted by anyone in any medical field, let alone by any certified dermatologists.

Is Acnetix a Scam?

While we can’t say for sure if Acnetix was designed as a scam or not, it does seem to be overpriced. It is also notable that there are some “scare tactics” used on the site – there is a permanent warning, constantly warning users that a sell-out is only 36 hours away (it’s always 36 hours away, and it seems that the sell-out never comes!), highlighting that they might have to pay high prices to get the product elsewhere.

Additionally, some reviews have noted that it is hard to get the company to honour their money back guarantee – they have a lot of loopholes that they can use to get out of giving you your money back if you discover the product doesn’t work.

Should I Buy Acnetix?

While Acnetix may be safe to use, it doesn’t appear to be very effective. On top of that, there seems to be something fishy about the way the site is run, especially since they are using techniques to try to rush you into buying their product. You can get something with much more clinical backing at a cheaper price, so there’s really not a big reason to risk your money on trying Acnetix.

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