The Side Effects Of Accutane

What is Accutane?

accutane-side-effects-img1Accutane (scientifically referred to as Isotretinoin) has been a common choice for those suffering from severe acne throughout the years, starting with its development in 1982.

Recently, however, there have been quite a few studies that should make us question the safety of this powerful drug.

It wasn’t without reason that Accutane became extremely popular – its effects can be impressive and often undeniable. Effects are often visible within two weeks.

It has even been known to work on the most severe cases of acne, helping to quickly get rid of cysts and other deep infections.

What are the Side Effects of Accutane?

accutane-side-effects-img2Initially, all consumers were warned about some basic side effects – dry skin, temporary worsening of acne, pink eye infections, headaches, and eye irritation. These didn’t seem out of the ordinary, as nearly all effective drugs have at least some risk of mild side effects.

After a few years, though, it became evident that Accutane’s side effects weren’t as mild as some thought, and that some were even permanent. Women who took Accutane while pregnant saw a huge increase in risk of birth defects and pregnancy complications, many of which were severe.

In fact, most pregnancies that occur while on a regiment of Accutane end in either miscarriage or termination of the pregnancy. Some also experienced permanent hair thinning, skin thinning, bowel disease, or impaired vision. There are also recent studies that show that Accutane may be linked to higher rates of depression and an increased risk of suicide.

Is Accutane Still Available?

Today, it is still possible to get treated with Accutane or one of many other variants of Isotretinoin. Most countries, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, have placed strict regulations on the prescription of this powerful drug.

Due to recent lawsuits, many patients are required to sign a waiver and agreement form before beginning treatment.

accutane-side-effects-img3Should Accutane be avoided?

While it is still possible to get Accutane, there are many available alternatives on the market today that are much safer while offering results that are just as effective.

The best choice in this situation would be to steer clear of Accutane and other Isotretinoin products.

Accutane alternatives

Accutane isn’t really recommended due to its serious side effects.

Have a read of our Acne Treamtment Guide to see which products get our recommendation.

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